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Born 1953. Copenhagen-Denmark
The Danish Filmschool 1982.

Film director on:

“Heroines of the pipes” (2017). A film about the 2 Danish female pipe makers that captivates the world with their art and charm. We will explore the little-known, male-dominated, international world of pipes.

”Xenia” (2016). Dressed as a woman, still heterosexual, he lives his life as a sexworker, mostly with male costumers.

“In Light of the Revolution – about Women and Art in Cairo" (2015). In cooperation with Lone Falster. Winner of the Salaam Film Prise, September 2015.

”Life according to Anton” (2015). Anton is 87, and lives on the farm where he was born. He lives there with his 9 cows, and they will live as long as Anton. That is a covenant.

"My Love" (2012) A documentary about a old fisherman who after 25 years of marriage ”came out of the closet”. Openingfilm at MIX Copenhagen 2012. Nominated as best documentary on Nordic Panorama 2013. Juryprice for best documentary on GenderDocFilmFestival, Rom 2013.

”Hello my name is Lesbian” (org. Title: ”Goddag mit navn er lesbisk”) A film about lesbian lifestile, sex and cultur in Denmark. Won the Audience Award: Copenhagen, Montreal, Skt. Petersborg, Novosibirsk og Kemerovo.

”Sound on Life” (org.title: ”Lyd på Livet”) (together with Katia F.P) 2006. A documentary about an 80 year old composer, the first woman who made concrete and avantgarde music in the 50´ . Winner of the ”Robert” price for best short documentary in Denmark 2007

”Kids in Action” (org. title: ”Min egen motorhest”) (together with Katia Forbert Petersen) 2001. A childrens documentary about small children driving 50 m3 motorbikes.

”Two Women on a River” (org. title: ”To kvinder på en flod”) (together with Katia Forbert Petersen) 1996. Winner of the ”Gran Prix” on the ITVA Festival, Copenhagen 98 and for the best Documentary in New Orleans 99.

Since 1979 I have also worked as chief sound director on approximatly 200 short- and documentary films and as chief or assistant sound director on 10 featurefilms.