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Heroines of the pipes” 2017

Directors: Iben Haahr Andersen & Minna Grooss

Men and women from across the globe, admire, desire, need and pursue them. Upon arrival in a new city, they are greeted as if they were Hollywood celebrities. Despite signing autographs and traveling by limousine, they are neither actors nor rockstars. They are, however, a highly sought after Danish duo of female pipe makers, who leave a smokey trail of wonder on their path across nations. Join us on a fantastical journey into the untold world of pipes.
Xenia foto
”Xenia” (2016).

Director: Iben Haahr Andersen

Dressed as a woman, still heterosexual, he lives his life as a sexworker, mostly with male costumers.
in light of the revolution foto
“In Light of the Revolution – about Women and Art in Cairo" (2015).
In cooperation with Lone Falster.

The Arab Spring swept through Egypt in 2011 and changed everyone.
The women made their mark by taking courage and creating powerful, radical art. During the chaotic years, when the military and the Muslim Brotherhood are fighting for
Power, this film meet 8 female artists: including a photographer, a film director,
Musicians and virtual artists.

Winner of the Salaam Film Prise, September 2015.
Livet ifølge Anton foto
Life According To Anton “ 2015

Producer: Lise Saxtrup Klassefilm

Anton is 87. He inherited the farm, which time has almost taken. The nine cows live as long as Anton does. They made a covenant. Anton is living in the past. His time with the cows, hours of the day and the seasons, are his only present. It is cyclical and beautiful; life has it’s eternity ofnature repetitions, but the family farm is now a ruin, the Virginia creeper has pushed the windows in to the nice living room and winds on the furniture - no-one's been sitting in them for decades – and in his small living room and bedroom the rats plays on the table and floor. Family and neighbours love the old, stubborn man, but they are also worried. For him and for the animals. Soon, public authorities can’t let the old man be anymore. Action must be taken. Anton puts the welfare state to the test, because he insists to take care of himself.
Photo My love

”My Love” (2012)

Producer: Klassefilm

A film about true love and that it is never to late to change your life, no matter what the odds are.

One midsummer, young fisherman Poul meets a young girl. She becomes pregnant and Poul marries her living up to his responsibilities.
But already in his teens, Poul knew that he was gay. However the surroundings in the Danish countryside and Poul’s own moral code made ​​it impossible for him to outlive it.
When Poul’s daughter dies in a terrible accident, 18-years after that midsummer night, he is thrown into a personal crisis. A crisis where he finds him self forced to choose between ending his life or finally coming out as gay.

Openingfilm at MIX Copenhagen 2012. Nominated as best documentary on Nordic Panorama 2013. Juryprice for best documentary on GenderDocFilmFestival, Rom 2013.
Photo Hello my name is Lesbian

”Hello my name is Lesbian

(Goddag mit navn er lesbisk) (2009)
with: Minna Grooss
Grandopening at the CGLFF 2009
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Won the Audience Award: Copenhagen, Montreal, Skt. Petersborg, Novosibirsk og Kemerovo

With a liberating self-irony given a glimpse into lesbian lives in Denmark from 1950 until today. Illustrated with challenging animations, extensive archival materials and a dynamic soundtrack make the film a tour de force in the women's love story; From the hidden life of the '50s to today's moral Denmark dissolved gender queer culture and the nuclear family with three children, two mothers, no father.
Photo Sound on Life

Sound on Life

(Lyd på Liv) (2006)
with: Katia Forbert Petersen
Won the ”Robert Price” 2007

80-year-old Else Marie Pade is one of Danish music history major phenomena that have renaissance among tech audience. Pades music has its origins in her life story. As a child she was bedridden. She listened to the sounds around her - in the staircase from the courtyard and the room next door. Here began her sound universe taking shape. During the 2nd World War II, she was taken prisoner by the Gestapo and isolation in prison.
Photo Kids in Action

Kids in Action

(Min egen motorhest) (2001)
with: Katia Forbert Petersen

Kids in Action is a documentary portrait of some of Denmark's youngest sports enthusiasts. The film is about a group of speed-loving children aged between 3 and 9 years running micro speedway - motor bike races for kids. Micro Speedway is a family sport, where children and adults come together and build something up together. It is a ritual, and both large and small is a modern sport, with the move, with joy and disappointment.
Photo Two Women on a River

Two Women on a River

(To kvinder på en flod) (1996)
with: Katia Forbert Petersen.

Winner of the ”Gran Prix” on the ITVA Festival, Copenhagen 1998
Winner of " Best Documentory" on the ITVA Festival i New Orleans 1999

A poetic documentary about the extraordinary lives of two women on the River Seine in Paris. Just a few years ago, Kirsten Danish ambassador's wife, but when her husband left her, she decided to find a completely different way of living. Today she lives on his riverboat and working with drug addicts.